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Jessie’s Christmas in July

Since the elves are too busy to celebrate Christmas Day Santa and Molly host a Christmas party in July.   Jessie loves the party.  Below are a list of her favorite things about the celebration.

  • Decorated plastic palm trees.  They are lit up around Claus square.sun
  • Sun shaped sugar cookies with yellow and orange sprinkles.
  • Peach cider by the ocean.
  • Secret Santa gifts for all of the young elves.  Jessie likes to watch the smiles and laughter as the gifts are opened.
  • A bonfire on the tundra.  The elves roast marshmallows and make Smores.
  • The skidoo parade down Main Street.  The skidoos are all decorated and the elves wear costumes as they show their machines.
  • Sunny cards.  Similar to Christmas cards they send the receiver good wishes.  It is traditional to have a sun on the front of the card with other designs added.
  • Agility races for the dog sled teams.  Jessie likes to run with Angel’s team.  She’s never won a prize yet but she keeps trying.
  • A new doggie bed.  Molly replaces Jessie’s bed every year on the holiday.
  • Hamburgers on the barbecue.  Santa cooks them just right.
  • The Christmas music contest.  Jessie especially likes to listen to the choirs.

August 1st – Christmas in July Celebration (almost)

Santa fiddled with the bow tie Molly had attached to his neck.  It was lime green with polka dots.  He thought it looked very cheerful against his drab black tuxedo.  He was waiting on the couch with Jessie for Molly.  She had already changed her dress three times and Santa was trying not to dose off.

Christmas in July Celebration (almost)

Image By 久留米市民(Kurume-Shimin) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0


The Christmas in July ball, which because the holiday Monday in July had fallen on August 1st, was something Molly looked forward to every year.  She loved to get dressed up and to talk to the Faeries.  She spent hours shopping and preparing her outfit for the celebration.  She had spent all morning at the hairdressers getting her hair dyed and fashionably cut. Continue reading August 1st – Christmas in July Celebration (almost)

July 31st – North Pole’s Christmas in July Sidewalk Extravaganza

Jessie sat on a couch with Santa.  She was hot, bored and itchy.  Early in the morning Molly had woken Jessie and put her ugly Christmas sweater on.  Then she had dragged Santa and Jessie to the town square for the Christmas in July Sidewalk Extravaganza.

North Pole’s Christmas in July Extravaganza

Molly,Santa and Jessie had shopped in almost every store in town.  They picked up stocking stuffers for Molly’s family and a few small trinkets for Molly’s elf friends. But, Jessie thought that the real purpose of the sale was for the town residence to gossip and socialize.  Jessie had heard three times this morning that the Post Office Pete had fallen and broken his nose.    She’d also heard four times that another leak had been found in the manufacturing facilities walls. Continue reading July 31st – North Pole’s Christmas in July Sidewalk Extravaganza

July 30th – The North Pole Ugly Sweater Sale

Molly held up the sweater in front of her face and squinted.  She looked down at Jessie .  “Come here, girl.  I want to see if I can tailor this for you.”

Jessie’s ears went back and her tail fell to the floor.  She slowly dodged a number of elves as she approached Molly.  The sweater Molly had in her hand  was red, blue and white.  It was made of wool and had a horse and sleigh, a snowman and other pictures on it.  The worse thing was there were lights intertwined in the neck that lit up when you pushed one of the XMASsweater1buttons.

Jessie did not like the sweater.  In fact she hadn’t liked any of the sweaters she saw. Today was a fund raiser where the Elves sold ugly Christmas sweaters.  The seniors of the town crocheted and knitted them all year specifically for the fundraiser. Molly had told Jessie there was a tradition where they sold them on the last Friday of July and then during the Christmas in July celebrations.  On that weekend everyone wore them around town. Continue reading July 30th – The North Pole Ugly Sweater Sale