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Christmas Countdown-Day 5 (Sorting out the sleigh)

Santa has been having problems with the heater on the sleigh.  Without heat Santa and Jessie would get frost bite when delivering the presents on Christmas Eve.  The woman who normally fixes his sleigh had broken her arm so Santa had to get a mechanic from the nearest town to come and fix the vehicle.  The mechanic’s name was Tom and he thought  that Santa was rather eccentric.  He did not believe in Santa Claus but was willing to fix the sleigh.  He thought there was no harm in keeping an old man happy.sleigh

When Tom looked at the sleigh he found reindeer hair in the fan.  The hair had stopped up parts so the heat could not reach the back of the sleigh.  Tom scrunched his nose curiously, held up the hair and looked at Santa. Santa just shrugged, and grinned at the man.  Tom sighed and  put the fan back together.  He went home confused and shaking his head.

Now that the fan was fixed Santa called upon his pit crew to get the sleigh ready for the trip.  One elf secured the harnesses for the reindeer.  He made sure they were strong and would last the trip around the world.

Another elf refilled the cocoa and cookie dispensers so that Santa and Jessie would not be hungry on their journey. Delivering billions of presents is hard work and Santa likes to have a treat on his journey.

A final elf waxed the runners on the sleigh making it easier for the reindeer to pull.

While the elves were working Santa put blankets and pillows in the back of the sleigh for Jessie and then checked that his magic sack was securely wedged into the back of the vehicle.  He would take the presents from the magic sack and put them into his personal sack when going down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

Santa also checked that all of the gadgets and gizmos were working correctly and ready for the flight. When finished he slapped the side of the sleigh and called Jessie from her nap in the corner of the building.  Santa reached down and petted the dog’s fur.  “She’s all ready , girl.  We’ll be safe and comfortable on our journey. Are you excited?”

Jessie’s tail pounded on the floor and she stood up and licked Santa’s cheek.

Santa laughed.  “Me too, girl.  Just think! Only a few more days and we’ll be on our journey.”

Jessie’s favorite forms of transportation with Santa

  1. The husky team.  Santa loves to slide across the snow delivering packages to the outlying communities.  Jessie has joined the team on several occasions and Santa gets pure joy from watching her run with her ears flopping in the rim.

    Horse and Wagon
    Santa travels by horse and wagon frequently
  2. Helicopter.  When Santa was a child he was afraid of heights. When he was older he took a ride on a helicopter which cured his fear and made him love flying.
  3. Horse and buggy.  Santa loves to hear the jingle of the bells as he and Molly snuggle under a blanket. Sometimes Jessie sneaks along too.
  4. Speed Boats – In the summer Santa loves to spend time at the beach.  His friend has a speed boat and the pair go for trips fishing and water skiing
  5. Canoe – Jessie and Santa canoe down a river in Algonquin park each summer.  Jessie sits in the front of the boat and barks at the moving water as Santa stears them along.
  6. Monster Truck. – Santa likes visiting Monster Truck rallies.  Molly refuses to go with him and the noise is too great for Jessie’s sensitive ears so he goes to the rallies alone.  He wishes he had someone to go with him.
  7. Magic Carpet – Only used once or twice when on a mission for the fairies but he says it was fun.
  8. Planes – Santa likes to look out of the air craft and see the fluffy white clouds.  He says it makes him feel free.
  9. Bicycle.  Since Santa is trying to lose weight he has cycled all over the world.  He gets to meet and talk to people on his bike and he enjoys their company
  10. The sleigh of course – Santa never tires of the movement of the reindeer and the sound of the jingle bells.

    Countdown to Christmas Eve!

Dec. 24th – Jessie and Santa deliver presents

Jessie wagged her tail furiously from her seat in the sled.  The activity of the day had been very exciting.  Presents from every guild were pulled into the warehouse and organized by magic.  The presents at the North Pole and the other warehouses would magically transport to Santa’s bag when he needed them.

In order to get the bag ready Santa had performed a Christmas ritual.  He’d taken the bag out on the tundra and waited until the magic snow falling from the Northern lights filled the bag.  Then he had said a few prayers.  The bag then glowed and grew larger and larger until it was the size of a freezer.  Toys peeked out of the top including a doll, teddy bear and a tablet computer. Continue reading Dec. 24th – Jessie and Santa deliver presents