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Santa’s favorite Christmas ornaments

  1. A toy train that plays Christmas Carols.  It reminds him of his childhood playing under the Christmas tree.
  2. An electric Ferris wheel.  Santa and Molly went on one of their first dates to the Western Fair and Santa sneaked a kiss from Molly.  The Ferris wheel reminds him of that night.

    Santa’s ornament
  3. A bird in a nest given to him by his niece.  She saved up her pocket money to buy Santa the present.  It always warms his heart to see the little bird on the tree.
  4. A series of shiny stars that Molly quilted out of silver fabric.  They light up the tree and twinkle off the lights.
  5. His nativity scene.
  6. A cowboy boot.  Santa received it as a gift from a farm that he purchased cheese from or the Christmas baskets.  The farmer became one of his friends and Santa admired his fine leather boots when he saw him.  His friend gave him the boot ornament for his birthday.
  7. Twinkle lights.  The beautiful specks of light give a peaceful atmosphere to Santa’s tree.
  8. A personalized ornament of Santa, Molly and Jessie taken at the beach.  Everyone in the picture is smiling on a windswept afternoon.
  9. A doughnut.  Make of glass it reminds him of his trips across the road with Jessie to the cafe.  the owner gave him the ornament as an advertisement for his business but Santa still likes it.
  10. A banner for the North Pole Ski team.  Santa loves to watch them compete.  The miniature banner always goes near the top of his tree.
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August 20th – Santa visits Jack Frost

Santa sneaked around the corner tightly gripping Jessie’s lead.  Nurse Withers did not like dogs roaming around the hospital and Santa knew if she saw Jessie that they would be thrown out of the building. He would have come to see Jack alone but Jack always smiled when he saw Jessie.

Santa peeked around the corner.  When the path was clear he quickly led the dog down the hall to Jack’s room.  The pair reached Jack’s room and Santa pushed the door open.  He flicked on the light and closed the door behind them.  Santa moved to the bed and gently shook the sleeping man.

Jack’s hospital bed

Jack grunted and then groaned before opening his eyes.  He peered out into the gloom of the room.  When his eyes focused he saw Santa and Jessie.  A broad grin passed across his face.  “Well, hello.  I was wondering when you were going to visit.”

Jack sat up in bed and patted the covers beside him.  Jessie moved forward and put her chin by his hand so that he could pat her head.  She licked Jack’s outstretched hand and Jack sighed contentedly. Continue reading August 20th – Santa visits Jack Frost

August 19th – Molly bakes Ginger Snaps

Molly’s Nana wass coming for a visit on the weekend and Molly wanted to make something special.  She pulled out her Nana’s favorite recipe for Ginger Snaps and baked several dozen.  Her special recipe is below.

1 cup sugar

1 cup molassesGingerSnap

1 cup melted butter

1 beaten egg

1 tsp ginger

2 tsp baking soda

1 tsp salt

3 1/2 cups flour

Mix sugar, molasses, butter and beaten egg.  Mix soda, salt, ginger and flower together.  Incorporate wet and dry ingredients.  Drop mixture onto a cookie sheet by spoonfuls.  Sprinkle with white sugar.

Bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes.  Cool completely before serving. Makes 2 dozen large cookies

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August 18th – Santa’s Favourite Summer Road Trips and Activities

  1. Attending garage sales and flea markets on the weekend.  Santa likes to look for vintage Christmas tree ornaments for a special tree he puts in his office.  He has gathered a selection of over a hundred Santa Claus ornaments.
  2. Niagara Falls.  Santa, Jessie and Molly visit once a year to view the beautiful waterfall and to play in the fun houses and museums.
  3. Canoeing in Algonquin park.  Santa, Jessie and Molly often go on canoe trips on the weekend.  Jessie is not to sure about the activity.  Mosquitoes bite her on the nose and she hides her head in the canoe to try to ward them off.
  4. Gardening.  Santa and Molly spend a great deal of time at Molly’s mother’s home planting her gardens.  Santa is especially fond of the sunflowers she plants every year. Molly took a portrait this year of Jessie and the sunflowers.

    Jessie with the sunflowers
  5. The Bay of Fundy.  Watching the tides roll in and out and eating seafood.
  6. Drumheller.  Santa loves history and the dinosaur museum is one of his favorite places.
  7. Attending folk festivals in a variety of communities.
  8. Trips to the beach to dive in the surf.  Jessie doesn’t like water so she stays away from it as much as possible and rolls in the sand but Molly loves swimming  and Santa likes floating on his belly.
  9. Fireman’s breakfast.  Raising money for good causes and getting a hearty breakfast are at the top of Santa’s list.
  10. Attending the theater.  Santa used to sneak Jessie in until she snored so loud she disturbed the other patrons.
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