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August 16th – Flora and Klaus try again

Santa watched as Flora and Klaus strung together some words to try to heal the manufacturing facility.  The pair had been practicing magic diligently for over a week and Santa could see a definite improvement in the size and color of the light that they produced in their hands.  He watched as the rays of light blended together to surround the building.  They merged into a bright blue fog.  The fog vibrated with energy and deepened as it covered the building.  The fog sat over the structure for some time before slowly blowing away into the sky.Santa

The group held their breathes as they stared at the building.  Santa walked up to the wall and ran his bare hand across the side of the ice.  The structure no longer was spongy but instead was solid and hard.  Santa grinned  and thumped the elves on their backs.  “Success The facility is solid again. I…” Continue reading August 16th – Flora and Klaus try again

August 14th – Little known facts about Christmas at the North Pole

  1. The elves decorate a giant metal tree with oranges, apples, nuts and bird seed each year.  The tree is put up in a  different location around the world and the food is adapted to the local wildlife.  At midnight on Christmas Eve the food is made available to the animals.

    Facts about a North Pole Christmas
  2. Cocoa and peppermint is served at breaks on Christmas Eve. Santa provides unlimited refreshments to his workers free.
  3. The elves sleep in on Christmas Day and then have a huge party on Boxing Day.  Boxing Day is the day that they exchange gifts among themselves.
  4. A bright star is hung at the highest point of the financial tower during the holiday season.
  5. Angels visit Santa before his trip to bless his journey and offer prayers over the children he will be visiting.
  6. Molly is in charge of Santa’s on board computer on Christmas Eve.  The computer helps with directions and managing the loads and loads of toys Santa and the reindeer must pick up from his drop off locations.
  7. On Christmas Eve day Santa has a parade for the elves to thank them for their contributions over the year.  He always gives a rousing speech to them and he has been known to burst into tears.
  8. There is one elf whose only job is to keep track of Santa’s glasses. He travels with Santa on the sleigh and retrieves them every time Santa puts the glasses down.
  9. Claus Park has a giant gingerbread and candy castle that is built during December.  Santa hosts a party for some of his magical friends two days before Christmas to gather information .  For example,  Jack Frost always predicted the weather and a peace magician named Frank gave him information on safe fly zones.
  10. Jessie has managed to break 15 cocoa machines. The sugar cookies are always near the machines and  her tail pounded on the table legs one day and the machines toppled onto the floor. Ever since the elves have strapped the machines to sturdier tables to prevent the problem from happening again.
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August 13th – More fun facts about Ms. Claus

  1. Molly loves Poinsettias.  Santa built her a greenhouse at the North Pole and she grows all different colors of the plants.  She gives them away to seniors centers for Christmas.

    One of Molly’s Poinsettias
  2. Molly is very strong.  She competes in the North Pole games in the shot put event and has won several medals.
  3. Molly is an excellent computer programmer.  She helps out with the computer systems on Christmas Eve to make sure the computer on the Santa’s sleigh works.
  4. Molly’s favorite colors are purple and lime green. She often wears the colors together.
  5. Molly has not cut her hair for three years.  It is thick and curly and she often wears it in braids on her head.
  6. Molly’s favorite food is honey on toast.  Her father was a bee keeper  and she used share this treat with her father at breakfast.
  7. When Molly was eight she met the previous Santa Claus.  She stayed up all night under the tree waiting for Santa to appear.  When he came down the chimney she asked Santa lots and lots of questions.  This tradition continued each year until Santa introduced Molly to the man he was training to take over for him when he retired.  The new Santa and Molly started dating and married the next year.
  8. Molly has a stuffed bear collection from around the world.  Santa always brings her a new bear when he goes away on business trips.
  9. Molly  loves dressing Jessie in coats.  She thinks Jessie is adorable  in the color pink but she cannot get the dog to wear the color.
  10. Molly once baked one thousand cookies for a fundraiser in a day. She was exhausted by the end of the day but raised a lot of money for her charity.
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August 10th – 10 Fun Facts about Santa Claus

  1. Santa’s favorite color is green not red.

    Santa Claus
  2. Santa played football at university and was part of the yearbook committee.  His university still has his picture posted on the gymnasium wall.
  3. Santa stays young as long as he practices Christmas magic.  The magic prolongs his life around 100 years and then a new Santa is appointed to take his place.
  4. Molly  and Santa met on a blind date that was set up by his parents.  Molly initially didn’t like Santa and avoided him for over a month before her mother convinced her to go on a hike together.  The pair have been together ever since.
  5. Santa has a god daughter.  She is the daughter of the snow queen and she visits the Claus’ once a year.
  6. Santa’s favorite toy is the building block. He says with imagination children can build cathedrals, towers, boxes and towns with the tiny blocks.
  7. Santa struggled with math at school but with tutors he was able to persevere and get good grades.
  8. Santa has a tattoo of a dragon on his ankle.  He got the tattoo on a bet when he was a child.
  9. Santa’s favorite part of the day is his daily walk with Jessie and Molly.  They have explored nature all over the world including Colorado, Algonquin Park, Banff and Alaska.
  10. Santa’s favorite time of day is 1 a.m.  He likes to look at the stars and imagine children on different planets.


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