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August 15th – More little known facts about Christmas at the North Pole

  1. The elves are given a one month vacation on a private  island after Christmas.  They sun bathe, swim and play in the sand.

    Christmas at the North Pole
  2. Santa stays at the North Pole in January and works with architects, carpenters, painters, artist and toy makers to plan the lines for next years toys.
  3. Molly Claus is in charge of planning the candy and sweets for next year.  She works many hours in her kitchen dreaming up unique recipes for next years stockings.
  4. The reindeer sleep for several days after Christmas Eve. Dasher snores loud enough that you can hear him at the Claus house.
  5. Each Santa throughout history has either had a painting or a photograph taken just before take off on Christmas Eve.  this year Molly plans to use her new digital camera to take a picture of Santa and Jessie beside the reindeer.
  6. Santa takes one last look at his list minutes before take off.  He doesn’t want to miss any children on his trip around the world.
  7. Santa and Jessie stop on each of the continents for a rest on Christmas Eve.  For example, in Australia Santa goes for a swim while Jessie nestles in the warm sand and in Africa the pair watch elephants and giraffes wander.
  8. Molly has planned a new line of dog toys that she plans to send with Santa on his trip.  Her favorite toy is a squeaky frog that ribbits when its tummy is chewed.
  9. Santa monitors the toys that break in the first month after Christmas.  If he finds any line that is defective he arranges for a fixed version of the toy to appear in each child’s home.
  10. Santa’s boots are worn through by the time he returns home on Christmas Eve.  He has to employ the shoemaker to make him another pair for the next year.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!

Dec. 21st – Jessie helps Molly with Santa’s coat.

“Now Molly, I’ve been poked and prodded all morning. I have work to do in the manufacturing facility. Aren’t you almost finished?” Santa pushed his arms out in front of him and lifted his right leg in a stretch.

Jessie watched Santa. She thought it looked like he was trying to perform ballet but failing horribly.

“Christopher Cringle! Christmas is this week and your old suit is a disgrace. It’s the same every year. Cookie icing, soot and eggnog ground into the delicate fabric. Do you know how long it takes  to embroider the cuffs alone on this suit?’ Continue reading Dec. 21st – Jessie helps Molly with Santa’s coat.