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August 18th – Santa’s Favourite Summer Road Trips and Activities

  1. Attending garage sales and flea markets on the weekend.  Santa likes to look for vintage Christmas tree ornaments for a special tree he puts in his office.  He has gathered a selection of over a hundred Santa Claus ornaments.
  2. Niagara Falls.  Santa, Jessie and Molly visit once a year to view the beautiful waterfall and to play in the fun houses and museums.
  3. Canoeing in Algonquin park.  Santa, Jessie and Molly often go on canoe trips on the weekend.  Jessie is not to sure about the activity.  Mosquitoes bite her on the nose and she hides her head in the canoe to try to ward them off.
  4. Gardening.  Santa and Molly spend a great deal of time at Molly’s mother’s home planting her gardens.  Santa is especially fond of the sunflowers she plants every year. Molly took a portrait this year of Jessie and the sunflowers.

    Jessie with the sunflowers
  5. The Bay of Fundy.  Watching the tides roll in and out and eating seafood.
  6. Drumheller.  Santa loves history and the dinosaur museum is one of his favorite places.
  7. Attending folk festivals in a variety of communities.
  8. Trips to the beach to dive in the surf.  Jessie doesn’t like water so she stays away from it as much as possible and rolls in the sand but Molly loves swimming  and Santa likes floating on his belly.
  9. Fireman’s breakfast.  Raising money for good causes and getting a hearty breakfast are at the top of Santa’s list.
  10. Attending the theater.  Santa used to sneak Jessie in until she snored so loud she disturbed the other patrons.
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August 10th – 10 Fun Facts about Santa Claus

  1. Santa’s favorite color is green not red.

    Santa Claus
  2. Santa played football at university and was part of the yearbook committee.  His university still has his picture posted on the gymnasium wall.
  3. Santa stays young as long as he practices Christmas magic.  The magic prolongs his life around 100 years and then a new Santa is appointed to take his place.
  4. Molly  and Santa met on a blind date that was set up by his parents.  Molly initially didn’t like Santa and avoided him for over a month before her mother convinced her to go on a hike together.  The pair have been together ever since.
  5. Santa has a god daughter.  She is the daughter of the snow queen and she visits the Claus’ once a year.
  6. Santa’s favorite toy is the building block. He says with imagination children can build cathedrals, towers, boxes and towns with the tiny blocks.
  7. Santa struggled with math at school but with tutors he was able to persevere and get good grades.
  8. Santa has a tattoo of a dragon on his ankle.  He got the tattoo on a bet when he was a child.
  9. Santa’s favorite part of the day is his daily walk with Jessie and Molly.  They have explored nature all over the world including Colorado, Algonquin Park, Banff and Alaska.
  10. Santa’s favorite time of day is 1 a.m.  He likes to look at the stars and imagine children on different planets.


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August 9th – Jessie versus the sunflower field

Jessie’s tail slumped.  She pushed her way forwards through the woody stems as a trail of golden pollen flew down on her back.  Jessie looked up as high as she could but the flowers were just too tall.  She had lost Santa in the field five minutes ago and had to admit she was lost.

The dog whimpered.  Her ears pointed towards the ground as she tried to sniff the dirt for Santa’s trail.  She smelt rabbit, mold and something like skunk but not the distinct odor of her friend.

Jessie in the sunflower field.

Jessie began to bark hoping to catch Santa’s attention.  She sped up her pace and zig- zagged from side to side sniffing for her friend.  She was so panicked that she didn’t see a rut in the ground before she walked into its side.  The earth below her feet gave way and she flew down a slope into a ditch.  She landed on her tail and yelped.

The dog shook her head and stood up.  Jessie wiggled her back to get the feeling into her behind.  She tried to claw her way up the bank but her feet slid on the lose dirt.  Frantically, she barked  and then she sat down and howled.  Her high pitched voiced traveled across the sunflower field to where Santa was talking to the seed farmer. Continue reading August 9th – Jessie versus the sunflower field

August 8th – Santa’s Top Ten Summer Activities

  1. Running in the surf along the great lakes and dipping his toes into the chilly water.

    Santa loves to go to the beach.
  2. Volley ball with the elves.  Santa started a competitive league between the magical creatures on the earth.  The elves have won 4 out of the last 5 years!
  3. Visiting Drumheller and looking for Dinosaur bones.  Santa took a minor in Anthropology when he went to school.
  4. Weekend barbecues with Molly and Jessie.  Santa loves to cook on the grill.
  5. Tuesday Travels.  Santa, Molly and Jessie often fly the deer to new locations just to look around.  Last week they went and enjoyed the sunshine and breezes of Crete.
  6. Sewing.  Although Molly does most of the sewing in the family Santa likes to dabble in the activity.  He doesn’t have time during the busy Christmas season but during the summer he likes to make ornaments, stockings and fancy Hawaiian shirts.
  7. Water fights with the elves.  He always gets soaked but he loves to laugh with his friends.
  8. Hiking with Jessie in nature.  Jessie and Santa walk every morning.  They particularly like walking in the woods.
  9. Going to flea markets.  Santa likes finding hidden gems at the stalls.
  10. Gardening.  Santa loves the spring planting of vegetables and flowers with Molly.  Unfortunately, he isn’t very good at making plants thrive and Molly bans him from the garden once the plants start to grow.
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