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Fauna’s Song – A Faerie’s Christmas Tale

Excerpt from the Short Story

In the olden days, God created the diverse creatures of the earth including the Faeries who danced in the meadow in the summer and woke the tiny creatures of the garden in the spring. Resourceful creatures, they thrived in the Fauna's Song - A Faerie's Christmas Talemeadow for thousands of years.

Faeries were joyful by nature. It was not unusual for them to sing shanty tunes in the great hall, or participate in exuberant dances underneath the stars.

As jovial as Faeries were, they hated the winter. They despised the cold so much that their matriarch declared that their hive would sleep the winter away. All winter Faeries huddled in their nests and slumbered until the crocuses and snowdrops peeked their heads through the crusty snow.

Fauna, a daughter of the Faeries, was born one breezy and overcast day. The elders say that she was bewitched because Fauna was very different from her kin.

Fauna fidgeted at the great singings, yawned at the laughter in the banquet hall and doodled on her writing leaves when the musicians played ancestral songs at the great feasts. She longed to hear new and exciting songs. But, at Faerie feasts, the old songs were always sung earlier in the evening. Only late in the night, after Fauna had gone to bed, did the choral masters sing their new songs.

One breezy night in the autumn, the matriarch rose from her plush chair, cleared her throat and began to speak.   “The chill is in the air, my kin, and winter is coming. I declare that our hive shall prepare for the long sleep and, by the end of this evening, close our doors for the winter. All Faeries will obey.” The matriarch looked directly at Fauna and then exited to the council chambers.

Fauna sighed and stares out of the door. It didn’t look cold and she really would have liked to stay awake. It’s wasn’t that she liked snow. It’s was just that she wanted to know what happened out in the world while her kin folk sleep.

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