Jan 13th – Jessie’s Christmas Carol Scramble

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Can you guess Jessie’s favorite Christmas Carol’s in the picture above?  Words that are in more than one song are larger than the others.  The answer key is below.

Christmas Carols (PDF format)


Jan. 12th – Jessie goes on a train ride

Jessie watched as mountains and pine trees whipped by her window.  She was travelling on the train to go to an opening of a Christmas village park, and Jessie was excited. Santa had told her that the owner of the park had a small zoo, and in the zoo had some moose. Jessie had always wanted to meet a moose. She’d seen several on a nature program on television and was amazed by the size of the animal.

Earlier in the day, Santa had settled the sleigh by a train station and he had said he had a treat for Molly and Jessie. Santa had rented a train car for the three of them to travel to the theme park.

Jessie had excitedly watched animals flash by the train windows all day. She’d seen deer,and even some cows. Each time they passed an animal she raised her nose to the air, sniffed and wagged her tail excitedly.

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Jan 11th – Jessie joins a sled team.

Jessie ran into Angel’s pen and enthusiastically licked her across the face. She whined and thumped her tail against the ground.

Angel patiently waited for Jessie to stop and when she didn’t she let out a low but friendly growl.

Santa laughed. He had been so busy lately he hadn’t had chance to visit the farm where Angel lived. Santa wanted Jessie to have friends and he had to check on the care of the sick animals,   So Santa  packed Jessie onto his snowmobile and headed out towards the outskirts of the village.
Santa was pleased that Angel and Jessie got along so well. He wanted Jessie to be happy at the North Pole and having friends would help.

“I’m heading in to check on Willy the polar bear. His paw got caught in a trap, and has a nasty infection. Why don’t you hang around here until Myles comes by Jessie,and then meet me at the veterinary clinic.”

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Jan. 10th – Jessie and Santa get in shape

After Christmas, magic makes Santa shrink and become much thinner. But after Christmas, Santa enjoyed too many sugar cookies and he started to gain back the weight he had lost. This morning the button on his pants burst open.

Each year Santa was determined to make sure he didn’t gain any more weight than necessary. He didn’t mind his jolly Christmas tummy but he wanted to make sure he fit into his new Christmas suit. The suit was made of the finest velvet with brass buttons and synthetic fur cuffs. Molly had lovingly sewn the suit and embroidered the edges with holly and snowflakes.

Today Santa went to the gym and Jessie followed along behind. Santa began using the weights, and the stationery bicycle.

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