Dec.24th – Jessie and Santa do a puzzle


At breakfast Santa and Jessie like to do a word search.  Santa gets out his North Pole paper and circles the words while Jessie munches on Santa’s french toast.  Please see below for today’s word search

Printable version – Custom Word Search Puzzle



Dec. 24th – Jessie and Santa deliver presents

Jessie wagged her tail furiously from her seat in the sled.  The activity of the day had been very exciting.  Presents from every guild were pulled into the warehouse and organized by magic.  The presents at the North Pole and the other warehouses would magically transport to Santa’s bag when he needed them.

In order to get the bag ready Santa had performed a Christmas ritual.  He’d taken the bag out on the tundra and waited until the magic snow falling from the Northern lights filled the bag.  Then he had said a few prayers.  The bag then glowed and grew larger and larger until it was the size of a freezer.  Toys peeked out of the top including a doll, teddy bear and a tablet computer. Continue reading Dec. 24th – Jessie and Santa deliver presents

Dec. 23rd Jessie, Santa and Molly celebrate Christmas

With a swoosh the tree toppled over onto Santa’s head.  It was mid-afternoon and Santa, Jessie and Molly were celebrating their own Christmas before Santa would deliver toys to the children of the world.  Santa and Jessie had gone to the tree lot and picked out a real fir tree to put up in their home earlier in the morning.  But, Santa’s tummy had grown over the last few days and he was having trouble getting the tree to stand up in its stand.

Santa sighed and scratched his head.  He grunted as he stood up and lifted the tree once more.  He slid the base of the tree into the hole and then tried to lean it on the wall as he slid down to the ground to tighten the screws on the slim trunk. Continue reading Dec. 23rd Jessie, Santa and Molly celebrate Christmas

December 23rd – Jessie, Molly and Santa help a blue jay.

Jessie sniffed at the sodden pile of feathers.  She had been fast asleep earlier when she had heard a bang on the window pane above her.  Jessie had yawned, stretched her long legs and then looked out the window to investigate the noise.

IMG_0541Lying at the base of the windows was a blue jay.  It had flown into the window and knocked itself unconscious.  Jessie  walked through her doggy door and approached the bird.  It was still breathing so Jessie prodded it with her nose to try to get it to move.  When it didn’t respond Jessie carefully picked up the bird in her mouth and carried it back into the Claus’s house and into the kitchen.  She walked up to Molly and laid it at Molly’s feet. Jessie then poked Molly with her nose. Continue reading December 23rd – Jessie, Molly and Santa help a blue jay.

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