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Jan 11th – Jessie joins a sled team.

Jessie ran into Angel’s pen and enthusiastically licked her across the face. She whined and thumped her tail against the ground.

Angel patiently waited for Jessie to stop and when she didn’t she let out a low but friendly growl.

Santa laughed. He had been so busy lately he hadn’t had chance to visit the farm where Angel lived. Santa wanted Jessie to have friends and he had to check on the care of the sick animals,   So Santa  packed Jessie onto his snowmobile and headed out towards the outskirts of the village.
Santa was pleased that Angel and Jessie got along so well. He wanted Jessie to be happy at the North Pole and having friends would help.

“I’m heading in to check on Willy the polar bear. His paw got caught in a trap, and has a nasty infection. Why don’t you hang around here until Myles comes by Jessie,and then meet me at the veterinary clinic.”

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Dec. 12th – Santa and Jessie visit Angel the Husky

Santa brought Jessie to meet Angel, hoping that Jessie could make a new friend. Angel was the head of the dog sled team that carried cheese from the local creamery to an airfield close-by where the cheese was carried to markets in the south.

The problem was that Angel was skittish around new people and animals. She tended to run and hide, or depending on her mood, tear up the husky housing area when she encountered new dogs. Continue reading Dec. 12th – Santa and Jessie visit Angel the Husky