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Jessie doesn’t recognize Santa

Santa blinked at the light of his bedside table.  He grasped the alarm clock in his hand and almost threw it across the room  It was already time to get up and he felt like he hadn’t slept in days.  His back hurt, his stomach was upset and his chin was itchy.  Santa started and groaned.  It couldn’t be happening already, he thought.  After all it wasn’t even the beginning of December.SantaClaus

Santa stiffly rose from the bed and walked to the full length mirror in the bathroom.  he looked at his ripped and tattered pajamas and sighed.  It always happened overnight.  He always changed from his normal slender frame to a portly, old man with a white beard while he slept.  If he didn’t know that he was looking at himself he would have thought he was looking at a picture a stranger.  Continue reading Jessie doesn’t recognize Santa

Dec. 20th- Jessie watches Santa grow a beard

Jessie curiously looked at Santa’s Face. His normally close shaven beard had grown overnight. It was now big, bushy and streaked in colour. As she watched the streaks were changing colour and becoming a snowy white.

More alarming, Santa’s tummy was growing incredibly fast. His normally lean frame had gained a hundred pounds overnight and he was wheezing slightly as he worked.

Jessie walked up to Santa and nudged his hand. She licked his rough hands and whined softly.

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