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Dec. 26th – Jessie’s Happy Birthday

Running through the streamers and balloons of Claus Park were dogs of all sizes  and Jessie was  exhausted. Molly had invited all of the dogs from the North Pole to come to a birthday party for Jessie. Almost all of the dogs in the town to come to celebrate. Molly was busy all day preparing  food and welcoming guests. She let Jessie play with any of the dogs she wished.

Now that it was nearing the end of the day and the dogs and their families had gone home. Molly and Santa had retreated to the living room where Jessie was happily sleeping on the couch. The pair talked between themselves until Jessie woke with a big stretch and a yawn. She wagged her tail and trotted over to Santa to be petted.

Santa smiled. “I’m glad you’re awake Jessie. Molly and I have another present for you. Since, you’ll be living permanently with us, and traveling with me on the sleigh every year, we’ve decided that we should give you more sleigh riding lessons tomorrow. You almost fell out of the sleigh on Christmas Eve and I don’t want you to get hurt. Would you like to go for another ride?”

Jessie whined and barked excitedly. Since meeting the reindeer earlier she had wanted to get to know them better and make friends. Besides, she really wanted to go with Santa more often. If she needed more training she wanted it as early as possible.

Jessie sat on her haunches and looked excitedly between Santa and Molly.

“You’re lessons actually begin inside. You need to follow several rules . Do you think you want to ride on the sleigh again?”

Jessie barked and turned herself in a circle. She climbed up on the couch between Molly and Santa and smothered the pair in kisses.

“Excellent! Let’s begin.  First, and foremost it is cold up where we travel. It won’t bother you as much as it does me because of your fur but it won’t  won’t be enough to protect you all night when the temperature drops.  Christmas Eve was warm this year. You must  keep your coat on.  You can’t take it off like you tried to this year.”

Santa reached behind the couch and pulled out a red fur trimmed coat and hat. It was embroidered with Jessie’s name and had gold buttons down the front. Black trimmed boots completed the outfit.

Jessie looked at the clothes questioningly. She didn’t like clothes but if she had to wear them to travel with Santa again then she would. Jessie jumped off the couch and sat in front of Molly, and waited for her to put the suit on her. When she was fully dressed Molly pulled out her digital camera and snapped a few pictures.

“Jessie, you’re adorable. Your picture could be on a postcard.” Molly smiled, her dimples dancing on her pudgy face. “If you don’t watch out Santa then Jessie will take your job.”

Santa smiled and cleared his throat. “Now Jessie, the second rule is this. You must never, ever, lean outside of the sleigh. If you lose your balance you could fall down to the ground. Do you understand Jessie  You almost fell out Christmas Eve?”

Jessie moved in front of Santa and barked.

“OK, Jessie. The next rule is that you must never bark at the reindeer. If the reindeer get distracted we could end up in Egypt when we wanted to go to England. The final rule Jessie is that if anything happens to me when I’m in a house you are to come back to the North Pole with the reindeer. You are not to worry about me, or wait for me. Understand, Jessie?”

Jessie barked. She was not so sure about traveling by reindeer any more. Bone chilling cold, falling out of the sleigh, Santa going missing, all of these possibilities scared her. Yet, at the same time she wouldn’t be left behind for anything. If Santa was going on the sleigh so was she. Besides, the trip on Christmas Eve had been fun and she wanted to go with Santa every year.  Jessie barked again and stood by the door.

“Tomorrow, Jessie. We’ll go tomorrow. I’m glad you’ve decided to come with me again . I’ve been hoping that you would keep me company more often” Santa took of Jessie’s hat and ruffled her fur. “Now, let’s have a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we fly.”

Dec. 5th – Jessie celebrates Molly’s birthday

It was 11:30 p.m. and Santa woke Jessie from where she slept in front of the fire. She dozily looked up at Santa, yawned, and turned in a circle to lie down and go back to sleep. She thought that it was much too late.

“Wake up Jessie! It’s Molly’s birthday and we’re going to celebrate. Let’s go outside and see what the elves are up to.” Santa pulled out a jacket Mrs. C had made for Jessie and gently put it on the squirming dog.

“Now, Jessie you need this jacket. It’s really cold out tonight. Even the deer are huddling together to keep warm”

Jessie was not happy but sat still for Santa. When he was finished she took a look at herself in a nearby mirror. She was adorned in red and green plaid from head to toe. Her outfit even had matching booties to protect her feet. Jessie hung her head low. She raised her legs up and down trying to free them from her booties.

Santa laughed. “I know the shoes are uncomfortable Jessie but they are necessary. You’ll get used to them. Now let’s go outside. Mrs. C. is waiting at the eggnog station.”

At the sound of the word eggnog Jessie’s ears perked up and she walked to the door as quickly as she could. She wasn’t used to the shoes and her movement looked like a combination dancing and wobbling.

Santa smiled when he saw the dog but didn’t laugh. Jessie had to wear the clothing to protect herself from the bitter wind. He didn’t want the dog to dislike the clothing any more than she did now.

Santa and Jessie walked outside the door and headed around the steel tree. Jessie stopped and looked around. There were so many elves surrounding them that Jessie couldn’t count them. There were big elves, little elves, young elves and old elves. Each of the elves seemed to be in a merry mood.

Wherever Jessie looked the elves were having fun. Some of the elves were building snow sculptures and snow structures. Others were rolling fruitcakes down a slope knocking down the snow creations. On a big stage several elves stood in front of a microphone. They held mugs of chocolate and were singing as loud as they could. The result was a large tinny noise that bothered Jessie’s ears.

Jessie shook her head from side to side. The little hat on her head slid down over her eyes. Jessie tried to pull the hat off using her front foreleg. She almost had the hat off when Santa chuckled, reached down and put the hat back in its original position.

Jessie sighed but was too interested in what was going on to worry about the hat. Directly in front of her was Mrs. C. She was standing at a little station where two were helping her dispense eggnog and sugar cookies to crowd. When she saw Jessie she smiled and chuckled.

“Santa tells me that you don’t like your coat Jessie. Well I can see why. You look like a couch in that plaid and you hat is way too big. I tell you what. We’ll pick out some fabric together and I’ll make you a new outfit tomorrow. Now, someone here likes eggnog. If you shake my hand I’ll give you a saucer full.”

Jessie’s tail wagged causing small tornados of snow flying behind her.  She sat down and raised her hand for Molly. Molly smiled and gave the dog her saucer of eggnog.

When Jessie was finished with the treat Santa petted her on the head. “Come on Jessie. It’s almost midnight and I always lead the count down to Molly’s birthday. This year you can help me. Come on girl. Let’s go up on the stage.”

Jessie wasn’t sure what Santa meant by a countdown but she would follow him anywhere. She walked with him up on the stage where a young elf dressed in sequins was holding a microphone. When Santa approached she handed him the microphone. Santa looked at his watch and then began counting down numbers. Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Happy, happy birthday Molly!

The circle in front of Jessie erupted with singing, toy drums, trumpets and an electric guitar. The noise was almost unbearable for Jessie, and she began to back away. Santa reached down to steady the dog. He held up his hand and the noise surrounding them ceased.

Santa began to talk to the throng “I’d like to thank Molly for her work this year, and for her continual love and support.”  Santa leaned over and kissed Mrs. C on the cheek.

“Now for what everyone has been waiting for. Let’s start the light show.”

Santa raised his hand and from somewhere out on the tundra beautiful music began to play. Softly, slowly lights in the sky began to ebb and flow in time with the music dancing in and out of the stars. Jessie watched as green, blue and purple ebbed in and out of view. The combination of music and lights were so beautiful that Jessie whimpered and leaned against Santa’s leg.

Jessie was happy Molly was having a birthday party.  She had grown to love Santa and Molly in the short time she had lived with them.  Somehow she knew that the next year was going to be happy for her.  Somehow, it seemed like this was a celebration for her too. To her it was a  celebration of finding a home and a family.

Jessie looked at the light show again.  Somehow she knew that this  was truly Santa Magic. It was full of love and caring and Jessie knew that this is where she belonged.












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