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Jessie’s top 10 ways to beat the February blues

  1. Lots and lots of applesauce cookies.  (Molly’s special recipe)Jessie's Top 10 ways to beat the February Blues
  2. Chasing Arthur, the cat next door, around the trees in Claus park.
  3. Practising with the dog sled team.
  4. Travelling in the sled to visit Santa’s manufacturing facilities.
  5. Sleeping the afternoon away beside the warm fire in Santa’s den.
  6. Having snow ball fights with Jessie’s friend, Chloe.
  7. Listening to the radio with Santa and Molly on a cold winter’s night.  (There might be popcorn involved.)
  8. Burying her booties in the snow to hide them from Molly.
  9. Listening to Molly read from a mystery book on Saturday nights.
  10. Trips with Molly and Santa to warm locations to swim in the surf,