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Jessie’s favorite summer activities in the country

  • Playing hide and seek in the shed.

    Summer in the country
  • Visiting the chickens, horses and cows.
  • Going for walks in the woods.
  • Loosing herself in the corn maze.
  • Eating barbecue with Santa and Molly.
  • Watching Santa drive on his dirt bike.
  • Relaxing in the sun under a weeping willow.
  • Digging in the dirt.
  • Searching the hay loft for baby kittens.
  • Going for hay rides in the tractor

Jessie’s Rainy Day Fun

Jessie loves when the spring comes because she gets to go out in the rain and play.  Here are some of her favorite rainy day activities.

  • Dancing in the rain.RainyDay
  • Jumping and splashing in puddles.
  • Watching the worms and robins dash between puddles.
  • Running at full speed to get her coat wet.
  • Cuddling under Santa’s umbrella.
  • Watching the river rise and flow over it’s banks. (At a safe distance of course.)
  • Listening to squeaky rubber boots.
  • Watching as rainbows come out as the rain subsides.
  • Smelling the scent of fresh rain on grass.
  • Looking at the glistening raindrops on flowers.