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The Halloween Garden


Jessie sniffed the ground around her trying to reach as far as she could on the lead.  Molly, Santa and Jessie were walking through Claus park to enjoy the Halloween celebrations.

First, they had visited the Kooky kitchen where they had eaten caramel apples and drank blood soup (Watermelon juice).  Then, they had visited the craft center where Molly checked on the children and the giant glow in the dark skeletons that they were painting.  Now, they were on their way to something Molly called the Halloween garden. Continue reading The Halloween Garden

July 14th – Jessie Meets Mildred the Monarch

“Your tail is in my face!”

Jessie turned around looking for the voice but she couldn’t see anybody near her tail. She flopped down in the dirt in Molly’s garden and looked for Santa and Molly.  The voice didn’t sound like either of her friends but Jessie wondered if they were playing a trick on her. Continue reading July 14th – Jessie Meets Mildred the Monarch

July 4th – Jesie meets Kelsey the spirit of summer

“Good afternoon Jessie. My name is Kelsey, and I am the spirit of the summer. It I my job to make sure that the birds, flowers, and plants flourish. I am her to bless Santa’s gardens so that his Christmas treats will be the finest in the land.”

Jessie wobbled her head, and looked at the woman. Her hair was made of long green leaves woven in a fine braid down her back, and her skin was tanned the colour of coffee. Her pearly white teeth protruded from her mouth as she smiled a warm smile. She wore brightly coloured floral shorts with a fuchsia shirt, and on the base of her neck she had a tattoo of a monarch butterfly.

Jessie wasn’t sure about the woman so she looked in Molly’s direction. Molly was waving at Kelsey. Convinced it was all right, Jessie raised her paw in greeting, and shook hands with the woman.

“Nice to meet you too Jessie. Santa tells me you often come to help Molly tend her garden. There are so many wonderful smells in the garden; rabbits, butterflies, the dew on the plants, and fresh roses. I was watching you smell Molly’s roses. You have a fine nose.”

Kelsey patted Jessie on the head and then walked over to Molly. “Good morning Molly. I’m here for the garden blessing. Is there anything unusual this year that I need to take care of?”

“Yes, Kelsey. The lollipop trees are way too short. They look like a piece of melded candy on a twig, and the holly has turned yellow, “said Molly. “Whoever heard of yellow holly? It must be red.”

“It’s; all the rain we had,” said Kelsey. “The twin weather spirits have been fighting again, and their anger has infused the rain. No worries, I’ll just give my blessing, and the garden should go back to normal.

Kelsey stood in the middle of the garden, and held up her hands. She turned towards the sun, and chanted to the vegetation.

Jessie curiously watched the garden. Before her eyes, the plants grew several inches higher into the sky. The marigolds bloomed twice as thickly, and the cedar became thicker.

Jessie turned to watch the woman’s face. Her eyes were now hidden inside her eyelids, and her face was red from the chanting. Her magic filled the garden.

Within a few minutes, she was done with her chant.  She bent down and she picked up a basket she had been carrying and turned to Molly. “Done for another season Molly. Now, as for that dog of yours. Her coat seems kind of inadequate for the surroundings. Are you sure you don’t want me to fix it?’

‘No thank-you Kelsey. Jessie I fine as she is. We appreciate the blessing. The increased growth will cause our gardens to overflow with good things to make the children happy. The lollipop trees look straighter, and fuller already. You have such a wonderful gift.

“Thank-you Molly, Are you sure, though. Just one pass. And she’d have a thick coat like a husky. Much more appropriate to the weather.”

Jessie backed away until she was hiding behind Molly’s legs.

“I said no thank-you Kelsy. We love Jessie just the way she is. We’ll make sure she is warm enough.

Jessie sighed in relief. She looked out around Molly’s leg. Kelsey was staring directly at her with her grey eyes. She winked at the dog and said, “Perhaps, another time.” Then, she faded away and was gone leaving Molly, and Jessie standing in the garden staring at the lollipop trees, and cedars.

Jessie and the ants

HeartCakeJessie stretched and flopped down on the floor beside the patio table.  She had just returned from a jaunt with Santa and Molly around Molly’s mother’s garden.  Molly’s mother owned her own seed and bulb company.  She liked to test the newest and most beautiful flowers in her back yard and Jessie had enjoyed sniffing the fragrant hyacinths, while Molly picked parrot tulips and removed the odd dandelion from the garden beds.

Molly and Santa had come to visit Molly’s mother and father on their 60th wedding anniversary.  Her parents hadn’t wanted a large party, but Molly had wanted to do something special and had planned a grand dinner for her family.  She had risen early that morning and baked a feast.  They had all enjoyed the food at lunch but before dessert could be served Molly suggested that everyone go for a walk in the garden. Continue reading Jessie and the ants