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Halloween at Santa’s Village

Santa and the elves love a good party.  So when Halloween rolls around the town is busyCranberryCookies for the month preparing for Halloween.  The town is decorated with skeletons, pumpkins, witches and ghosts.

This year Santa is sponsoring a contest for Halloween decorating.  The shop with the best decorations will receive a day off with pay and a party at the Claus’s house where Molly will prepare treats like toffee, caramel corn, and cranberry cookies.

It’s nearing the middle of the month and Jessie has been watching the displays go up.  She  is easily frightened and each morning when Santa takes her for their daily walk there is something new hanging in the town that scares her.  First she was frightened by a flying witch that flew from one end of the wrapping building to the other.  It was powered by firecrackers and spewed flames from the tail of its broomstick. Jessie ran all the way home when she saw the display.

The next morning they walked by the sleigh mechanics shop.  Right on top of the building the elves had built a display of moaning ghosts that blew back and forth in the light.  When Jessie approached they called her name.  The poor dog would have run home but Santa held tightly to her lead.  “You’re not frightened by some machines are you girl, ” asked Santa?  Santa knelt down and kissed the top of the dogs head and walked on whistling as he moved.  Jessie followed him as fast as she could to get away from the building.

What’s even worse was just this morning Jessie walked by the reindeer pen and the elves had created a robot deer that crashed into boxes and trees leaving a wave of destruction.  It’s eyes flashed red and it stomped its foot on the ground when Jessie approached.  Jessie yanked her chain loose and ran all the way to the Claus house and hid behind Molly.

“What’s wrong, Jessie?  Too much Halloween hi-jinks for you?  Maybe one of the cranberry cookies I’ve baked for the elves will make you feel better. ”  Molly reached into a tin she had been preparing for the freezer and pulled out a crumbly biscuit.  She reached down and fed it to the still shaking dog.

Jessie took the morsel and rubbed her head against Molly’s knee just as Santa walked in.  He chuc















kled when he saw the open cookie box.  “Jessie,  the displays are all pretend.  They’re made in fun and won’t hurt you.  We need to get our exercise so I’ll make you a deal.  We’ll walk around the town businesses where there are no displays.  Deal?”

Jessie licked Santa on his beard and walked over to her bed where she sighed and lay down.  Tomorrow there would be another walk and  she wasn’t sure that Santa’s plan would work.  Maybe, she thought, if the walk was as bad as today’s she could get another cookie from Molly.


Jessie’s Halloween treat

Jessie ducked as three zombie elves zoomed around her and ran into the bushes.  It was the great Halloween party hosted by Molly and Santa in the North Pole park.pumpkins

The event had begun early in the day with pumpkin carving, tug of war, costume contests and a scary face contest.  The evening was later filled with trick-or-treating and a dance in the town square. Jessie, Molly and Santa were at the dance and Jessie was trying to avoid the scary costumes that surrounded her. She ducked behind Molly and stopped abruptly.  She raised her nose to the air a sniffed above her head.  Then her tail began to pound against the side of Santa’s boots.  Jessie pulled at her lead and Santa looked down. Continue reading Jessie’s Halloween treat