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The Halloween Parade

Jessie’s Hat

Molly screwed her eyes tightly and looked at Jessie.  She was holding a cape and a black hat that perfectly matched the dog’s coat. She measured the length of Jessie’s torso and held the cape over the dog’s body.  The fabric gently grazed Jessie and the dog woke abruptly.  Jessie yawned, stretched and looked up at Molly.  Her tail pounded the floor as she sat up on her haunches.

“I’ve just finished your costume for the Halloween parade tonight, Jessie.  I made you a witch costume.  I think the color will be adorable with your coat.” Continue reading The Halloween Parade

Dec. 20th – Jessie is Queen of the Carnival Parade

Jessie trotted down the avenue with Santa and Molly behind. She stopped to watch an elderly elf organizing several hundred floats  into an organized line. Jessie could see all kinds of floats. There were floats ranging from the homemade kind with children overflowing off the sides, to industrial floats with placards advertising companies like ‘Poppies Peanuts’ or ‘Millionaire Pie’.

Santa stopped at a silver and blue float adorned with several small chairs .  they were vsurrounding a huge chair made with red plush fabric. Sitting in the seats surrounded by a huge and young Elf male and females. They were dressed in royal blue fabrics to match the float. The young elves waved at Jessie as she approached. Continue reading Dec. 20th – Jessie is Queen of the Carnival Parade