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Jessie’s Christmas Countdown – Day 3 (Dog Treats)

Since Jessie was adopted by Santa and Mrs Claus, she has been helping in the factory choose the toys that good dogs will receive under the Christmas tree.  Jessie played with 75 different toys during the year and   Santa took Jessie’s top 5 favorites and produced them for the dogs of the world. The list of toys includes a squeaky ball, a rubber bone, a pull toy, a stuffed dog and a flying disc.

Image By germanny(Flickr:bg_twitter){CC BY-SA 2.0 (httpi://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0},via Widimedia Commons

Jessie was also pleased to sample gourmet dog bones during the year.  Molly produced them in her kitchen with a team of elf chefs.  Jessie liked all of their creations except the broccoli flavored snack chips but she liked the pumpkin and apple bones the best. So this year Molly’s culinary team has produced a treat bag of pumpkin and apple bones for all of the dog’s on Santa’s list.

Jessie has been very busy helping Santa pack the dog toys.  Jessie, who must carry each toy in her mouth, has only managed to pack 4 toys in the last 15 minutes. She was distracted by a mouse, the cookie tray, and some elves dancing by the jukebox on her way to the packing room.  Fortunately, the elves are very good at their job and the toys and treats have been quickly packed and are ready for Santa’s trip around the world.

Elf Christmas Countdown Checklist – Day 1 (Present wrapping)

The elves are busy today checking and rechecking the present wrapping stations.  Almost 95% of the gifts have already been wrapped and it is the elf special forces job to check that the presents are all properly labelled with city, country and the child’s name.presents

As Santa travels through each country Santa’s magic bag transports the appropriate gifts from his warehouses to the sleigh just in time for the gifts to be dropped into the right house  Without the labels the magic bag can’t tell where the gifts are meant to go to and  Santa would deliver the presents to the wrong child!

The elf special forces spend all day triple checking that the gifts have enough sticky tape on them to hold the labels through the long journey.  When they are sure the gifts will get to the correct child they officially sign a document and deliver it to Santa letting him know they are ready to move onto the next item in the checklist.

August 7th – Children’s Homemade gift ideas for Christmas

  • drawnart
    Drawn and Framed Art

    Cut the fronts off of cereal boxes and have children paint personalized art on the cardboard.  Frame as a special gift for grandma or grandpa

  • Cut pictures from magazines and paste on recipe cards.  Add a special verse and you have ready made Christmas cards.
  • Cut out snow flakes from heavy card stock.  Color and hang from thread.
  • Red and green lifesavers make easy candle holders for Christmas cakes. Bake cupcakes with mom and place a life saver on the cake.  Push the candle into the opening.
  • keep last years cards and calendars.  Glue onto cardboard and cut into shapes to make entertaining jigsaw puzzles for children.
  • Make modelling clay for your brother or sister from food coloring, 1 cup salt, 1/2 cup flour and 3/4 cup water.  Store in the refrigerator when not in use.
  • Use pompoms, stars, and candy canes as decorations for gifts.
  • Use old clothespins to make Christmas tree ornaments.  Decorate with fabric, ink, and wool to make angels.
  • Make pictures out of painted pasta.  Glue pasta in designs on cardboard.

Countdown to Christmas Eve!

Dec. 24th – Jessie and Santa deliver presents

Jessie wagged her tail furiously from her seat in the sled.  The activity of the day had been very exciting.  Presents from every guild were pulled into the warehouse and organized by magic.  The presents at the North Pole and the other warehouses would magically transport to Santa’s bag when he needed them.

In order to get the bag ready Santa had performed a Christmas ritual.  He’d taken the bag out on the tundra and waited until the magic snow falling from the Northern lights filled the bag.  Then he had said a few prayers.  The bag then glowed and grew larger and larger until it was the size of a freezer.  Toys peeked out of the top including a doll, teddy bear and a tablet computer. Continue reading Dec. 24th – Jessie and Santa deliver presents