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Elves top ten winter sports

  1. Throwing snowballs through loops hung from the rafters of the manufacturing facility.  The elf who gets the snowball closest to the center gets free cocoa for the weeksnowshoe
  2. Skating across the lake to the sounds of Christmas carols.
  3. Cross country skiing pulling sleds with toys.  The elf who can carry the most toys across the finish line gets to wear the high elf hat.
  4. Igloo building.  The elves try to make new and unique shapes while maintaining the strength of the buildings.
  5. Snow ball fights between departments.  Snowballs are dyed green and blue.  The team with the most direct hits on a pole gets a pizza evening.
  6. Ski-dooing.  The elves like to travel for miles with the wind blowing in their ears.  They build fires when they stop and roast marshmallows.
  7. Dog sled races.  Fastest, cutest and furthest running teams receive special treats
  8. Donut tossing.  The elves throw donuts onto a twig to see who can get the most through the donut hole.
  9. Snow shoeing around  Claus park.
  10. Winter photography of natural formations.

Mrs. Claus Christmas Countdown – Day 2 (Candy Sorting)

Mrs. Claus spends all day sorting through caramel corn, gumdrops, gumballs, licorice, candy canes and all sorts of other kinds of candy.  She compares her list of children with her sweets and sorts out a good assortment for each child.  Then, Molly and her elf helpers seal the candy in plastic bags labelled with the child’s name, city and address.  They are then sent to Santa’s distribution centers where they are added to the pile of presents for the child.  When Santa delivers his gifts on Christmas Eve he just has to open the bag and pour the candy into each child’s stocking.candy

Mrs. Claus is very careful what kind of candy she gives each child.  She knows what allergies the children have and knows what kind of candy each child prefers.  Molly takes great pride that her team delivers high quality treats that the children will love.

In January Molly uses the magic crystal snowball to see what kind of treats the children did not enjoy and modifies her recipes for the next year to try to please the children even more.   The snowball also tells her what kind of candy is popular in candy stores and Molly tries to come up with similar recipes to  please the children.

When the candy sorting day if finished Molly is very tired and treats herself to a cocoa beside the fire with Jessie and Santa.

The Halloween Parade

Jessie’s Hat

Molly screwed her eyes tightly and looked at Jessie.  She was holding a cape and a black hat that perfectly matched the dog’s coat. She measured the length of Jessie’s torso and held the cape over the dog’s body.  The fabric gently grazed Jessie and the dog woke abruptly.  Jessie yawned, stretched and looked up at Molly.  Her tail pounded the floor as she sat up on her haunches.

“I’ve just finished your costume for the Halloween parade tonight, Jessie.  I made you a witch costume.  I think the color will be adorable with your coat.” Continue reading The Halloween Parade

Santa’s favorite fall treats

  1. Watermelon.  Santa loves to have watermelon pit fights with the elves.  His hardy Ho Ho Ho can be heard throughout the North Pole when he enjoys the game

    Watermelon fights
  2. Iced Coffee.  Mrs. Claus doesn’t let Santa drink to much coffee but when he does drink it he enjoys the aroma and texture of this treat.
  3. Rocky Road Ice Cream – Great for those endless days at the North Pole.
  4. Chocolate Milk. Santa switches from Cocoa to Chocolate milk in the fall.
  5. Wild Blueberry Pie.  Santa and Jessie go picking blueberries in Northern Ontario so that Molly can make her special pie.  The pie is so good that Santa has been known to sneak pieces of the pastry to bed with him.
  6. Raspberry frozen yoghurt.  Santa likes to eat it at concerts and folk festivals.
  7. Salt Water Taffy.  Santa always buys a big bag at carnivals and fairs.  He attends a lot during the fall.
  8. Barbecue. There is something about the smell of the barbecue that makes Santa’s  mouth water.  Jessie loves it too and whines until Santa shares.
  9. Peach crumble. Made from Molly’s special Peach tree.
  10. Salsa on chips and veggies.  For a change Santa likes zesty foods.
Countdown to Christmas Eve!