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July 30th – The North Pole Ugly Sweater Sale

Molly held up the sweater in front of her face and squinted.  She looked down at Jessie .  “Come here, girl.  I want to see if I can tailor this for you.”

Jessie’s ears went back and her tail fell to the floor.  She slowly dodged a number of elves as she approached Molly.  The sweater Molly had in her hand  was red, blue and white.  It was made of wool and had a horse and sleigh, a snowman and other pictures on it.  The worse thing was there were lights intertwined in the neck that lit up when you pushed one of the XMASsweater1buttons.

Jessie did not like the sweater.  In fact she hadn’t liked any of the sweaters she saw. Today was a fund raiser where the Elves sold ugly Christmas sweaters.  The seniors of the town crocheted and knitted them all year specifically for the fundraiser. Molly had told Jessie there was a tradition where they sold them on the last Friday of July and then during the Christmas in July celebrations.  On that weekend everyone wore them around town. Continue reading July 30th – The North Pole Ugly Sweater Sale