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The North Pole’s Favorite Halloween Costume Word Search

Halloween witch

Halloween is a happy time at the North Pole.  For a period of time leading up until the Halloween party on the 31st, the elves dress up in different costumes each day. Last year, Mrs Claus took a survey and came up with the list of top costumes around the pole.  The list has been worked into a word search for you to enjoy.


Downloadable Word Search

Countdown to Christmas Eve!


Stocking Stuffer Word Search


candy    cane      toy         cars        doll         ornament      socks     oranges     nuts       perfume     lotion    coffee   tea         pens      crayons   comic    books    coins      novels   stickers       globe     fudge    bear       bobble    handkerchiefs   earrings   bracelet               toys       beads    soap

Puzzle Printout


Countdown to Christmas Eve!

August 28th – Jessie and Santa’s Favourite Carols – Word Search



Click on the link below the snowflakes to open the Word Search puzzle.


Santa and Jessie’s Favourite Carols

Countdown to Christmas Eve!